Farina Sternke - Mad About Fans

Farina Sternke has been collecting and researching fans for over 10 years. She has been interested in antique costume and accessories since she was a little girl. This passion was encouraged by her grandmother and inspired by her great grandmother, who was an accomplished seamstress. Farina is particularly interested in the fan as a social artefact, including its use in communicating status, class and cultural differences and its place as a fashion accessory to accompany the various stages of one’s life.

She also has a deep appreciation of the craftsmanship required to create these small handheld treasures. Farina exhibited parts of her collection in France in 2012 and regularly publishes research articles in a dedicated journal.

Farina studied Egyptology and Archaeology at a number of European universities. She completed her doctorate in Archaeology at the University of Southampton and subsequently worked in Ireland and Scotland. She now lives and works in Ireland.